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 Very solid and very responsive! Commercial Truck Quotes delivers on their promises!  

Steve Yang, Broker | Identity Insurance Services

 We have been using Commercial Truck Quotes for about a year now with an amazing turnaround. Well worth the investment. Great Customer service!! 

Sonia Alvarez, President | MSN Insurance

 Genuine in nature and so far we’ve made over five times what we’ve spent. I’m proud to be a part of this trucking-only provider. 

Homero Garcia Jr., CEO | Roadmasters Insurance

 We closed two trucks in our first week with Commercial Truck Quotes. This is well worth the investment, and by far the best vendor we have EVER worked with.  

Scott Gorman, President | AIS Insurance

 We have been using Commercial Truck Quotes for about a year with fantastic results. We have had over a 300% return on our investment which is significantly higher than any other service our agency has ever used. Using this service has created some great new client relationships that should continue years into the future. 

Ben Kraus,  Account Executive | Keller National

After completing a very expensive three year contract with another online company that promised I would be astonished with the results, I was skeptical when contacted by CTQ, but I decided to give it a test run. After only one year with Commercial Truck Quotes, we have had more success with less cost.No expensive contract and actual results. A great product at a great price!

Gini Waterson, President | Massey Insurance Services

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