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Can you write Tow Truck Insurance?

Insuring tow truck operations isn’t easy. There aren’t a lot of markets that will write this type of risk. If you have markets and can write these guys we can send you a steady stream of towing companies that are looking for insurance.

Tow truck insurance is a great niche to work in. Most agencies can’t write these guys. But if you have the markets and the know-how, you can earn a lot of premium from just a few policies.

The easiest way to bind new business is by talking to tow truck operators who reach out to you. That’s how our system works. Towing businesses that are looking for insurance come to us asking for a quote because we have a network of agencies that understand wreckers. Then we send them to you. Simple!

No Commitments. No Gotchas.

10-15% average closing percentage.

Filtered to match your markets.

Eliminates Prospecting.

High Converting

The average agency in our network closes 10-15% of what we send them. This often makes us #1 channel for new business for agencies in our network.


Our tow truck leads come to you just seconds after the business owner has requested a quote. You don’t have to waste time chasing cold prospects.

Filtered Your Way

Control your lead volume. Pause and unpause at any time. You’ll only receive a lead because you want one.

How the program works

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