Frequently Asked Questions

The Referrals

Our referrals are priced to make you money. We are confident that they will provide you with the best ROI that you can find anywhere. We challenge you to find a more cost efficient and time efficient way to bring in new business. For pricing details and to find out why we have this confidence you can download our PDF here. Our give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you.
Yes. We try to connect our referrals with up to 3 agents. That is the max, though. They never go to more.
Great question! Truckers find us while they are actively searching for a new insurance policy. They make a quote request with us because it’s hard for them to find agencies that can actually help them since trucking insurance is specialized.  We offer to connect them to up to three agencies in our network that do write trucking risks. This makes it easy for them to shop. When we send you a trucker it’s because they want you to call and give them a quote.
We do a number of things.

  1. Most importantly, we only deal with truckers that are actively searching for insurance. Truckers find us right when they are in the process of shopping for a new policy.
  2. We don’t give the trucker any incentive to fill out a quote request. They can’t win an iPad or other prize by making a quote request. They only thing they can gain is getting connected with you.
  3. We check for duplicate requests before distributing leads to our network.
  4. We check for obviously fake phone numbers or email addresses and throw those in the trash. If a referral sneaks through with a bogus number, that’s definitely a credit.

My Account

We send the trucker’s quote request to the email address that you specify. This happens in real-time. Less than a second after they make the request.

We also have the ability to send you an SMS notification each time a trucker is sent to you.

Do you have another producer that is going to be working these referrals? You can add as many email addresses as you would like and the request will go to each email address simultaneously.

We also have the ability to post info directly to your CRM instantly.

Yep, we refund all defective requests. You can make refund requests from within your dashboard.

Now there is a difference between a defective request, and a request that just doesn’t end up doing business with you. An example of a defective referral would be one that is filled out with false information such as a non existent phone number.  You can see a full list of valid refund requests here.

There will be some tire kickers, and you wont close every deal, but we are confident that you will be pleased with your closing ratio.

You buy referrals from us by making a deposit into your account. Every time a referral is delivered to you, your deposit is reduced. When your account drops below $0, you’re card will automatically be charged for another round.

We want you to be in complete control of how much you spend. So even though our billing is automatic, you can control your spending by pausing your account. You can pause and unpause your account at will from your dashboard. You can also set a cap on the number of referrals you are willing to receive each day.

Yes. Do you want to go after Owner Operators, Fleets, or everything? You decide and we’ll deliver. You pick the states in which you want to receive requests, and let us know the maximum or minimum number of trucks per request that you want to write.

Signing up

Yes and no. Any licensed agent with E&O is potentially able to receive our referrals, but we are building the best network in America. You must have integrity and a positive attitude. We care deeply about our truckers and want to make sure they are properly covered and have uplifting interactions.

We are going to bring you the best trucking insurance referrals that money can buy, but we only want to send them to top quality agents. We are developing a winning team and if you are a man or woman of integrity and want to write more trucking business, we want you on the team!

We have an agency agreement to sign but it doesn’t lock you into our network.

If you want to leave, for any reason, you have the freedom to cancel anytime. Just give us notice that you would like to cancel and we will promptly refund any money that is in your account.

We are confident in our quality and in the money you’ll make. We have over four years of successfully growing agencies’ trucking books. The glue that will keep you with us is your ROI. We don’t need contract gimmicks, or minimum spends, or any other gotchas to keep you.

Nope. Incentives just to get you in the boat usually indicate poor quality. Our program stands on it’s own and we are confident that we are the best channel available for new business. We have a low bar and low risk way to get started. Just deposit $1,000. There is no obligation and you can cancel and refund your balance at any time.
Trucking is a great niche and we specialize in it. When we connect with agencies that also understand truckers, the results can be phenomenal. We have many transformed many agencies and there’s a good chance we can do the same for you.

You don’t have to make a bee stick to honey. We’ve found a way to make honey and we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to see for yourself.

Still have a question? Let us know.