How we’ve kept more than 70% of our agencies in our network.

The our retention rate is no secret:

If you have quality leads, agencies will be closing deals and making money on a consistent basis.

The average closing rate is 10-15%. With the way these are priced, that yields a Return On Investment of 4x – 6x. That’s it. A strong ROI for our agency network is the secret!

Agencies that adhere to these best practices are seeing closing ratios in the 20% range:

  • call right away
  • have good markets
  • develop a good rapport with the truckers
  • follow up

A 20% binding rate = an 8x to 10x ROI! The way these are priced, they are quite literally the best deal around.

2 Things to keep in mind

1) If 10-15% is the average closing ratio, that means that 85-90% do not close for one reason or another. When 85-90% of the deals don’t work, there is a tendency to forget how much you are actually making. Our leads are priced to quadruple  your investment with only closing 1 out of 10 leads.

2) Law of Large Numbers- The average closing ratio is 10-15% but it does’t mean that 1-2 leads will close out of every 10. I’ve seen dry streaks of 16-20 leads in a row from top producing agencies! But then there are streaks where the agent closes 3 out 5 leads and gets the average back up. So don’t lose heart in a dry streak! It usually takes about 50 leads to find your average closing ratio.

Quality leads = Agency ROI = An amazing retention rate!

Our agent retention ratio can’t happen if our leads weren’t working for them. There are no commitments to be made to purchase our leads. The only thing that keeps our agents with us is that they are writing new premium on a consistent basis.

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