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Real-time box truck and straight truck leads, filtered to match your appetite

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Some think these guys are just half a semi.

But we know both, there’s a lot to love about these trucks. If you want to write more box truck policies, you’ve come to the right place! We contact you with box truck business owners in real-time, just seconds after they make a quote request.

Box trucks are used in many different ways, and we get them all.

  • Moving companies
  • Retailers hauling their own goods
  • Food and Beverage trucks
  • Construction
  • Package Delivery


Many agencies prospect for new accounts from a list of x-dates. But it’s tough to close a deal when everyone is using that same list. It’s much easier to quote and bind new business from people who reach out to you. If you have the markets and desire to write new box truck businesses, we can help make that happen!

No Minimums. No Commitments.

10-15% average closing ratio

Filtered to match your appetite

Zero Prospecting


Our box truck leads come to you in real-time, in the same instant they makes a quote request. Fresh is best!

High Earning

Box trucks that make you money. We have a 10-15% closing ratio and attractive pricing.

Done Your Way

Control your lead volume. Pause and unpause at will. You’ll only receive a lead because you want one.

How the program works

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