Dump Truck Insurance Leads

Dump truck leads sent in real time, designed to make you money.

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There’s a lot to love about Dump Trucks.

As our cities and towns continue to grow the dump trucks are right there making it happen. Many agencies have found this to be a desirable class of business to write.

If you dump trucks are in your wheel-house, we can help grow your book in a substantial way. Dump truck owners, from the single owner-operator doing dirt/sand/gravel to owners of large fleets are coming to us for quotes. Why? Because not everyone can write dump truck insurance, and we have a network of agencies that do. We are able to connect them to agencies, like yours, that can help them.

10-15% average closing percentage

Filtered to match your markets

No Commitments. No Gotchas

Eliminates Prospecting

High Converting

When you combine real-time requests from dump truck operations, with agencies that have markets and know-how, you get premium on the books.


Our dump truck leads come to you just seconds after the business owner has requested a quote. Talk to people when they want to talk. It’s a game changing difference.

Filtered Your Way

Control your lead volume. Pause and unpause anytime. You’ll only receive a lead because you want one.

How the program works

Fill out this form and we’ll send you info on pricing, closing rates, and how to get started.