Commercial Auto Insurance Leads

We specialize in truckers. But that’s not all we offer. Scroll down, and choose a vehicle type to learn more.

High Premiums

Getting commercial auto insurance leads and binding policies can be a very rewarding segment to focus on. It can also be challenging. For the last several years, the combined ratios for Insurers has collectively been over 100%, meaning that they are not bringing in enough premium to cover the loses.

Large Commissions

Rates continue to rise… And so do the commissions. If you have the right appointments and industry knowledge, you can write a lot of commercial auto insurance now, while helping the insureds navigate these tough underwriting times.

All types of commercial auto insurance leads

If you are interested in growing this segment of your book, we have commercial auto insurance leads for agents, accessible via our platform. Select a type of vehicle below to learn more.

Semi Trucks
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Box Trucks
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Food Trucks
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Tow Trucks
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Garbage Trucks
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Workers’ Comp
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Dump Trucks
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Cement Trucks
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Only What You Want.

No two agents are alike. What works for you might not work for someone else. That’s why we allow our agents to select exactly the kinds of commercial vehicle referrals that they are best able to close.

Controlled for Quality.

We send you only prospects who are actively searching for insurance. In fact, you are connected with them in less than one second from their request. They aren’t incentivized. We haven’t promised them an iPad. The only thing our referrals can gain is a quote request from you.

Real Premium. Real Growth.

Most of our requests come from businesses that have large commercial vehicles. So you know the premiums are going to be large. You can grow your book substantially just by closing a few of our referrals per month. And since our closing ratios are so high, this won’t take long at all.

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