Been burned by truck insurance leads in the past?

I talk to truck insurance agencies all over the county and one of the things I hear again and again is sometime in the past, they have been burned by bad truck insurance leads.

I know our leads work, but a new agency that’s never tried them, doesn’t.

I’ve thought about this and wondered how I can overcome the skepticism that most agencies have when it comes to leads.

Here’s what I think is the best answer I can give someone that’s on the fence:

The majority of agencies that buy our leads continue to buy our leads.

I think this is the most compelling reason I can give to someone that is skeptical because if the agents weren’t closing deals and making a good ROI, then they would not rebuy.

Interested in learning more about our leads? We have a PDF that explains pricing, average closing percentages, and some real examples. Get it here.


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