Ideas for sharing the lead cost

Leads for Agency owners

As an agency owner, you receive a share of the commissions on the policies that your agents write. The more policies your agents write, the happier you both are.

But if you’re interested in purchasing leads, who should pay for them? Here’s a couple of ideas:

  1. Split the cost of the leads with the agents. It doesn’t have to be a 50/50 split. Maybe you chip in 30% of the cost. The agent gets the lead at a discount. They are writing more policies. Everyone is happy.
  2. Purchase the leads yourself and distribute them to your top agents as a perk and a way to retain your top talent.
  3. These leads can also be excellent ways to help newer agents get established. You are spending alot of time training new agents. Giving them leads could help them stay in the business and stay with you!
  4. You could always buy the leads for yourself and grow your personal book of business. You are busy, so these leads could be a great way to write new business without the time it takes to prospect.

Leads for Agents

As an agent, you have picked a really nice niche to write business. Once you get enough business under your belt you’ll have a very nice renewal income. It’s nice to have a steady base to depend on.

These leads can be a great way to build that base. Your agency may be willing to help you share the cost, since they have a vested interest in your success. That’s one great thing about working with an agency. They really, truly, want you to succeed.

Try asking to see if your agency would split the cost, or chip in some on the leads. You might be surprised at how willing they are to help.

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